Display & Interface

Local and remote connections to the Model 888 provide interfaces for analyzer setup and the real-time monitoring of analyte concentrations and diagnostic information. The Model 888 has a built in color graphical user interface but also supports remote connections via Modbus and Ethernet connections.

Modern Icon Driven Menus

AME Vision-ScreensAMEVision is an advanced graphical user interface with a 4.2” (10.5 cm) color VGA display and rugged metal keypad for local communication with the analyzer. Individual screens with trending functions, predictive maintenance indicators, analog output verification, time stamped alarm/event log and more.

Web Browser Interface

The Model 888 supports Ethernet and RS485 Modbus connections for digital communications to a distributive control system (DCS) as well as desktop personal computers. Each Model 888 analyzer has a unique IP address assigned during the manufacturing process. Much like a wireless Wi-Fi router, Ethernet based communication to the analyzer is initiated by typing in the unique IP address into the Web address bar of any internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. Typing in the IP address brings up the setup, live results and all diagnostics as custom screens within the web browser. Analyzer parameters can be changed and trend results and diagnostics viewed. The analyzer can be accessed from any computer on the LAN both local as well as site remote with VPN access.