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This paper combines extensive feedback from analyzer professionals with survey results from sulfur recovery operators to address external failure modes of the sulfur recovery process.
Presented at the ISA Analysis Division 60th Symposium (2015)
Download: Next Generation Tail Gas Analyzer

On-Line Process Analytics is a young industry. Now going into the 3rd generation, this paper covers topics related to the specification, use and long term ownership of SRU process gas analyzers.

Download: Sulfur Recovery On-Line Analyzers from Front End Design Through Life Cycle

This paper describes the development and subsequent field experience of a gas analyzer that utilizes a combination of UV and thermalconductivity detection principals for on-line process measurement of H2S, Cos and H2.

Download: Field Experience with a UV+TCD Analyzer for Amine Based Tail Gas Treating Units

The following Paper was presented at:
Sour Oil & Gas Advanced Technology (SOGAT), 7th International Conference, Abu Dahabi, UAE

Download: The 7 Deadly Sins of Process Analyzer Applications

First presented at the International Sulphur Conference in Calgary, Canada, this paper attempts to reduce the topic of sulphur plant optimization down to its basics.

Download: The 7 Deadly Sins of Sulphur Recovery

By combining detection techniques, electronics and the sample system, AMETEK has developed a single, integrated continuous H2/H2S/COS analyzer for SCOT tail gas treating units.

Download: Better Control of SCOT TGT Units

In this paper current trends in the SRU process analyzers are discussed as well as reports on experience with Advanced Burner Control+ (ABC+).
Published in Sulphur Magazine (January – February 2015)
Download: Analyzers and Next Generation SRU Control

This paper discusses the practical aspects of the suite of analyzers used on a modern sulfur recovery unit (SRU) and tail gas treating unit installation (TGTU) installation.  Seven analyzer applications are covered along with industry “Best Practices”.
Download: Analyzer Best Practices for SRU TGTU Applications

Press Release Announcement:
Model 888 SRU Tail Gas Analyzer Selected as Product of the Year by ISA Analysis Division