Thermal Management

888 ModelThermal management is critical to the successful operation of a tail gas analyzer. Sulfur mist and vapor are present in the gas extracted from the process. The gas must be treated so that elemental sulfur vapor is reduced but does not solidify in the analyzer. In addition, safe operation requires redundant monitoring of the oven temperature. The Model 888 monitors temperatures at six temperature points to assure safe and reliable operation.

Monitors 6 Temperature Points

  1. Flange temperature….The big one…..detects bad steam, warns of impending plug
  2. Cell/Oven temperature…temp control of oven heater
  3. Demister temperature….controls removal of excess elemental sulfur vapor
  4. Heater (overtemp protection) temperature …Safety Feature
  5. Heater (control of over temperature)…Safety Feature
  6. Photometer (filter block) temperature …Assures optimum performance by eliminating temperature variations. Temperature stabilized above ambient temperature.

Designed to Reduce Temperature in Electronic Enclosure

A thermal insulating PolyEther Ether Ketone (PEEK) insulating barrier, extruded aluminum convection type oven heater and advanced thermal management reduces internal temperature of the electronics enclosure by 15oC (27oF) without any external cooling device. PEEK is a strong, readily machined insulator used to fabricate items used in demanding applications, including bearings, piston parts, pumps, compressor plate valves, and cable insulation. The result is the industry’s first 60oC specification for ambient temperature and a 75% improvement in electronics life. The Model 888 is suitable for installation in hot climates requiring only a simple sunshade.