Acid Feed Gas

Sulfur recovery feed gas analysis has been widely applied using a variety of analytical techniques and combination of discrete analyzers to quantify the key components. What is required is a real time (< 5 seconds) analysis of the important combustion components (hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, hydrocarbons and other optional organic compounds specific to the Claus reaction furnace chemistry).

  • Hydrocarbon is a minor component but fast moving and has a significant combustion air requirement.
  • H2S is the major component and is normally slow moving in terms of compositional change.
  • Ammonia (NH3) is present is sour water stripper gas and has to be accounted for if present.
  • CO2 is a relative minor contributor to air demand but can easily be included in the matrix analysis.

Model IPS-4 Process IR-UV (Full Spectrum) Analyzer

Component Range %
H2S 0-100
NH3 0-50
CO2 0-10
H2O 0-10
Hydrocarbons 0-5

In order to quantify all of these components a combination of ultraviolet (UV) and near infrared (NIR) measurements are required. The AMETEK IPS-4 Dual Range Analyzer provides these capabilities in a single analyzer.