Stack Gas

Stack Gas

The off-gas from the top of the absorber, containing residual H2S and traces of COS / CS2, is incinerated to SO2. The emission is typically limited to less than 250 ppm of SO2, but changing regulations require reduced emissions to 50 ppm and even 10 ppm of sulfur compounds.

Model 9900RM

The Model 9900RM is a single or multi-component gas analyzer that can be used alone or as an integrated part of a CEM (continuous emissions monitoring) system. The analyzer is 19” rack-mountable and supports Modbus/RS485 and Ethernet connectivity.

The Model 9900RM can be configured to measure most gas species that absorb in the UV. Species typically measured directly by the Model 9900RM include: SO2, NO, NO2, H2S, COS, CS2, NH3, and BTX. Up to five components can be measured simultaneously making the system very economical for multi-component analysis needs.

The simple and robust design of the Model 9900RM is complemented by powerful data processing capabilities. The user-friendly touch screen interface enables programming of such variables as timing and frequency of local zero and span checks. Both analog and digital outputs are available and serial communications via Modbus protocol. An optional paramagnetic oxygen sensor can be included to provide O2 corrected concentrations.

Model 919

Model 919The Model 919 is a UV-based photometric analyzer capable of measuring any one of hundreds of UV-absorbing compounds. The 919 is a complete system with a sample extraction and transport system designed to maintain sample integrity.

UV measurements do not suffer from H2O and CO2 interference as these species are transparent in the UV. This greatly simplifies sample handling. The Model 919 is a fully extractive, hot-wet basis analyzer. The sample cell and all components in contact with the sample are heated above the acid and water dew points.

Model 920

Model 920The AMETEK Process Instruments Model 920 has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the most challenging process and emissions monitoring applications in a cost effective fashion. The Model 920 is a multicomponent analyzer capable of measuring up to five different gases simultaneously. It, therefore, performs analyses typically requiring two or more separate analyzers. The Model 920 is also a hot-wet basis analyzer.

Model 909 and 910

Model 909 and 910The AMETEK Model 910 uses our proprietary high resolution UV technology in a dual beam, multiple wavelength configuration.

The AMETEK Western Research® Model 909 is a single gas version of our Model 910 Continuous Emissions Monitor. The analyzer is specifically configured for monitoring stack emissions on a mass rate basis. It measures stack effluent temperature and velocity in addition to pollutant concentrations at stack conditions enabling mass emission rates to be reported. With the addition of an optional zirconium oxide sensor, the Model 909 is capable of monitoring oxygen.

Model 914

The Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) uses dry extractive sampling techniques designed to meet government regulations for all types of compliance monitoring.

The sample extraction system is designed for primary conditioning of the sample gas. Combining a temperature-controlled conditioning unit and a heated sampling line ensures integrity of the sample gas. The sample gas is then dried (moisture removed) as required and introduced into the instruments.