TGTU Absorber Outlet

TGTU Absorber Outlet

The off-gas from the top of the absorber column contains residual H2 and H2S and traces of COS / CS2. Quantifying these components ensures the process is operating efficiently. The AMETEK model 931and 932 analyzers can make these measurements on a continuous basis.

Model 931

Model 931The AMETEK Model 931 uses AMETEK’s proprietary high-resolution UV technology in a dual-beam, dual-wavelength configuration and no-moving parts design. Instead of using a filter/chopper wheel to alternate between measure and reference wavelengths, the Model 931 uses a fixed optical configuration and pulsed UV lamps. This design leads to increased light throughput, reduced noise levels, and reduced maintenance. The dual beam configuration, combined with the reference measurement, ensures low noise performance with minimal baseline and span drift.

Model 932

Model 932The AMETEK Model 932 uses AMETEK’s proprietary high-resolution UV technology in a dual-beam design and incorporates a filter wheel that allows the measurement of up to five components.